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"All About The Beauty Industry Life"

The Beauty Industry Assignment

A Beautiful Business


Provide individuals the knowledge, strategy, and tools to implement their desired goals within the beauty industry.


Equip teens and adults with the pathway to obtain a beauty licensure within any facet of the cosmetic industry; by providing interactive cosmetic educational experiences, social media community engagement, digital products, and collaborative partnerships with certified beauty and cosmetic institutions and experts.


Our goal is to develop a beauty academy where teens and adults can obtain a professional beauty licensure, continuing education,  and advance training to learn a desired skill or improve their current skill-level. Assist with strategy plans to transition licensed professionals from business owners to striving entrepreneurs via on-site and referral services. 

JNR Teen Cosmetology Event
JNR Teen Cosmetology Event
Jul 05, 202, 12:03 PM
Ellenwood, Ga

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